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ChainMaker Professional Services
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Our multidisciplinary team at your disposal

If you need consultancy, mentoring or any kind of technological support.

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ChainMaker Professional Services

If you need consultancy, mentoring or any kind of technological support.

Market Maker

This market has special singularities such as authentication, traceability, security, speed... and all its members have the possibility to participate as service providers or consumers depending on the role they wish to assume

ChainMaker for Entrepreneurs

ChainMaker for Entrepreneurs
 provides you with the set of tools that will allow you to deploy your business from end to end... Don´t worry about anything other than YOUR BUSINESS! and only make it grow supported by cutting-edge technologies,

Don´t worry
about the initial investments in technological infrastructures, Don´t worry about dimensioning for spikes when most of your efforts are applied in the valleys, Don´t worry about paying for what you will not use ... JOIN US !!

ChainMaker for Fundraising

Provides the entire management process and reduces costs drastically, both, ICO & TOKEN deployment and launch 

APPs&Services Development
Business Consultancy
Platform Consultancy

If you need to develop specific applications or services...

You will find all kinds of advantages, from the deployment of a native Cloud Computing model, obtaining technological services in a transparent way, a catalog of reusable components, a BlockChain model that can start from wherever you want, including deploying your own infrastructure and having control of your own nodes, and more ... and more ...

But also, you can count on our production team and project management to help you to develop from specific tasks to the entire development of your solution...





We can help you deploy your own Business eCosystem and your App & Services Self Service Store...

Publish your own solutions or attract third parties to publish their solutions in your network, linking offer with demand, increasing your traffic and enhancing your services...


We can help to finance your project through the deployment of an ICO and the offer of your TOKEN...

What started as a small system for a few investors in cryptocurrencies has become an authentic alternative investment market, perfect for finding investors to finance your company or your project.

We can help you to deploy your BlockChain strategy...

Nothing will be as it was before. BlockChain is the technological revolution guaranteeing security and ease for access, eliminating the need of a third party to be able to establish connections with each other


Don´t hesitate to contact us if you require further info

If you are already a ChainMaker user and need help to optimize the solutions you have created, we are here to help you...

You will see that with little effort you can integrate new applications or services and even reconvert your traditional transactional model to the BlockChain model