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ChainMaker for Fundraising
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ChainMaker for ICO Fundraising covers all stages of the tokenization process

Provides the entire management process and reduces costs drastically, both, ICO & TOKEN deployment and launch 

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If you need consultancy, mentoring or any kind of technological support.

Market Maker

This market has special singularities such as authentication, traceability, security, speed... and all its members have the possibility to participate as service providers or consumers depending on the role they wish to assume

ChainMaker for Entrepreneurs

ChainMaker for Entrepreneurs
 provides you with the set of tools that will allow you to deploy your business from end to end... Don´t worry about anything other than YOUR BUSINESS! and only make it grow supported by cutting-edge technologies,

Don´t worry
about the initial investments in technological infrastructures, Don´t worry about dimensioning for spikes when most of your efforts are applied in the valleys, Don´t worry about paying for what you will not use ... JOIN US !!

ChainMaker for Fundraising

Provides the entire management process and reduces costs drastically, both, ICO & TOKEN deployment and launch 

ChainMaker Huge Advantages
To whom is oriented?

ChainMaker for Fundraising covers all stages of the tokenization process and reduces the deployment costs drastically

 Whitepaper Development : Delivery of templates catalog with different presentation models. Drastic cost reduction

 WebSite Development : Delivery W.BUILDER + CONTENT MANAGEMENT Drastic cost reduction

 TOKEN development : Automatic Deployment delivery. Drastic cost reduction.

 Smart Contract Development : Design, development and Deployment Delivery. Drastic cost reduction

 Technical audit : Ensure that there are no repetitions of the homologation. Cost optimized

 Investor Dashboard : Automatic Deployment Delivery. Drastic cost reduction

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One of the main barriers that many stakeholders are not able to overcome is the fulfillment of basic requirements to constitute the tokenization process, therefore they require instruments that facilitate the necessary support to be able to transcend this instance and access this financing alternative

In addition, once overcome this stumbling block, they will require a deep technological update that allows them to integrate and interoperate with new models based on technologies that, although still incipient -such BlockChain-, it is clear that they are setting trends for the very near future.


Consequently, the scope of the Model is oriented to solve the needs of all those Organizations that, having decided to finance their project through the deployment of an ICO and the offer of their TOKEN, can solve the requirements through our Platform and also have of tools and services to digitize your business and manage your project